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Production Lead Time
Integrated Production Facility
Personell and Commitment To Quality & Service
Type of aluminum extrusion finish
Anodized Finish
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Products : Aluminum Extrusion / Profile
Alumunium Alloy : AA6063, AA6061
Temper : Free Temper (T4), T5, T6
Finish : Anodized Finish (see surface finish sample brochure)
Powder Coating
Length : Max. 6,1 meters for Anodized or Powder Coating Finish
Max. 12 meters for Mill Finish
Production Lead Time:
  1. 4-8 weeks after Purchase Order, L/C, and Drawings Approval for New Dies
    (to cut a new die and die test take +/- 4 weeks)
  2. 2-4 weeks after Purchase Order and L/C for Existing Dies
Minimum Order : 10 M/T (1 FCL 20') or 15 M/T (1 FCL 40')
Production Capacity : 12,000 M/T per year (maximum)
Packing : Standard Packing (wrapped) by paper or plastic
Press Size : 550 ton press to 2,000 ton press
Circle Size : Maximum 225 mm for Solid Profile
    Maximum 200 mm for Hollow Profile
Tolerance : Standard Tolerance is applicable as JIS, ASTM
Tight tolerance is possible for requested special profile

Integrated Production Facility
  • Melting and casting division
  • Die shop division
  • Extrusion division
  • Anodizing division
  • Fabrication division

Personell and Commitment To Quality & Service

Our company believes in profesionalism. Having experienced and well-trained employe will
support the company to produce high quality alumunium extrusion consistenly. Our solid Team Work and TQM system will always support the company for continuous improvement
in its quality and efficiency.
By the integrated facilities and high motivated employee,
THE COMPANY GOAL is to fullfil customer need by consistent high quality and prompt delivery with competitive price

Type of aluminum extrusion finish

  • Mill finish

    Is the original color of aluminum finish. The aluminum profile does not required any finishing process after extruded from the press machine. It is used when the appearance is not important or when the material need to be painted.

  • Anodized Finish (See COLOR SAMPLE)

    From the Mill Fish, the material is processed with anodized finishing. Anodized Finish is required when appearance and durability the material is important. The color varieties start from Natural, Light Bronze to Black. With anodizing process the anodic film is produced to assist the material to be abrasion proof, corrosion resistant, unchanging color, ultra violet protected, and against buffeting by high winds.
    The thickness of anodic film determines the degree of the protection and durability of the materials.

  • Powder Coating Finish

    It is the painting process finishing. With this process, powder coating has more advantage because of the choices of color. The attraction of color choice gives the architect or interior designer more creativity and flexibility for their projects.
    It is also durable, abrasion proof, corrosion resistant, unchanging color, ultra violet protected, and against buffeting by winds.

Anodized Finish

  • Application and recommended film thickness.

    1. 5 - 10 microns : for interior or unexposed application where cleaning is frequent and resistance to wear and abrasion is necessary
    2. 10 - 15 microns : for exterior or exposed application where intermittent cleaning is required and resistance to wear and abrasion is essential.
    3. 15 - 20 microns : for exterior or very exposed application (hostile environment) where rare cleaning is required and long term resistance to abrasion is essential.
      The durability of the anodic film thickness of more than 20 microns can last more than 20 years. The thicker of anodic film thickness gives longer durability of the material.

  • Technical Data of anodized extrusion.

    Alloy and Temper : AA 6063-T5
    Length : Maximum 6.5 meters
    Film thickness : 5 microns to 30 microns

Aluminum Surface Sample

  MJ1 MJ2 MJ3
Natural Anodize Champagne Light Bronze
Medium Bronze Dark Bronze Black  

Remark :
  • Indicate Anodizing and color samples only
  • Slight deviation of color may occur


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